Bright Recycles for a Bright Future

Posted 1/28/2020 by Bright Event Rentals.
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At Bright, we strive to make our operations and every event we work on as eco-friendly as possible. We work diligently to make our business more environmentally sound and we’re constantly exploring ways to improve the sustainability of our rentals.

The vast majority of Bright’s rental products are sustainable. The nature of our business is to use the same product over and over again until it falls below our rental standards. At that point, we sell, donate or auction the old product to others who put it to continued good use. Very little goes to waste.

Recycling is a priority at Bright and we are proud to collaborate with Conscious Cleanup to make every event we work on eco-conscious and sustainable. In addition, our truck fleet that we use to deliver and pick-up rentals consists of the latest technology in diesel powered vehicles that have DEF (Diesel exhaust fluid) system and state of the art emissions, GPS and link systems. 

We work tirelessly to make our warehouse facilities as eco-friendly as possible. For example: Bright’s 124,000 sqft Los Angeles warehouse has been converted to LED lighting, which has created huge energy savings to the 24/7 facility. There is no main switch to turn on all the lights, instead every warehouse light has its own motion sensor. Lights turn on, and remain lit, on an as needed basis only. 

Bright is committed to being a responsible and environmentally conscious water user. It is necessary for us to have dishwashing and laundry facilities because of our tabletop and linen rentals, but we’re constantly looking into new ways to further improve our water consumption.

Our dishwashing machines are designed to use as little water as possible. The final rinse water is purified by a process known as Reverse Osmosis (RO), which allows us to use less chemicals in the dishwashing process. Instead of wasting the final leftover rinse water down the drain it is recycled and used to fill our laundry washing machines.

The hot water we use for dishwashers and laundry machines comes from natural gas heated tankless water heaters and our plumbing fixtures have been replaced to meet the newest water savings compliance codes.

At our warehouses we have a 2:1 ratio of recycling to refuse. We also collect the waste extracted from our kitchen equipment cleaning pit and dishwashers. The waste is either recycled or disposed of appropriately by a reclaiming service.  

At Bright we are constantly exploring new ways to further improve and make our business and rentals more eco-friendly so that everyone can have a Bright future!